Last Night’s Dancing Nightmare

I dreamt that I was sitting in a ballroom and I was watching as several women performed an Irish stepdance.  They were all my students and this was their final exam.  While they danced, I kept clapping my hands together, trying to improve their timing and rhythm.  They weren’t very good and, even though I was angry with them, I was mostly angry with myself because I knew I hadn’t taught them well.

Suddenly, I was sitting in my darkened living room, watching the dancers on TV.  I realized that I had never been in the ballroom but that instead, I had just imagined that while watching the dancers on TV.  On TV, the dancers still weren’t that good and there was a man wearing a tuxedo and carrying a microphone who kept stepping in front of them and making jokes about how terrible they were.

Suddenly, I realized that there was old woman staring at me through the living room window.  I knew she was evil so I jumped up and quickly closed the curtains so she couldn’t see me.  But then I heard the front door starting to open and I realized that she had only been at the window to distract me.  I ran over to the door to try to lock her out but, just as I reached the door, her hand reached through the opening, reached down, and grabbed my ankle!  I tried to pull away from her but she wouldn’t let go.  I looked up from her hand on my ankle and I saw her face glaring at me.

And that’s when I woke up!

Now, before anyone reads too much into this dream, I stepdanced yesterday while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I also got a bit too enthusiastic, missed a few steps, and I twisted my ankle a bit.  I didn’t hurt much when I went to sleep but it hurt considerably more when I woke up.  As for the crazy old woman …. who knows?  Maybe she’s a witch that my mind created to explain why my ankle was hurting.

Anyway, it was a scary dream but definitely not a difficult one to understand.