Last Night’s Weird College Dream

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown began, I’ve been having a lot of dreams, which I guess makes sense.  When something’s on your mind as much as this is, you’re going to have dreams about it.  Unfortunately, the dreams always seem to fade from memory as soon as I wake up.  I’m left with the vague knowledge that I dreamed about something but I can’t really remember what.  From now on, I’m going to make more of an effort to write down what I can as soon as I wake up.

Fortunately, last night’s dream was a long one so I can actually remember it fairly well.

This dream took place when I was going to college.  I was living in a dorm but I also had a house that I was renting in town.  The house didn’t have any electricity, running water, or furniture but it was a place that I could go whenever I wanted to be alone.  I would go to the house with a pad of paper and I would spend days writing.  Over the course of the first part of the dream, I actually wrote an entire novel in long-hand.  I took all of the pages and I taped them to the walls of the house and then I would walk from room to room, reading what I had written.

Unfortunately, once I had done all that, I realized that I hadn’t gone to any of my classes for nearly a month and that there was no way I was ever going to pass any of my classes!  But I didn’t care because I had a place of my own and I had written a novel.

I was feeling quite proud of myself when, suddenly, I remembered that my aunt was coming to the college to visit me.  Not wanting her to discover that I had essentially dropped out of school, I rushed back to the campus and I met her outside of my old dorm.  I was feeling paranoid that she would discover that I hadn’t been on campus in a month so I decided (for some reason) that it would be a good idea to show her my dorm room.  I assumed that the room was still the way I had left it and, after she saw it, she would believe that I was still going to class.  It was dream logic.

So, we went into the dorm and up to the second floor.  However, since I had last been on campus, the second floor had changed.  It now appeared to be a gigantic and rather busy library.  I knew that my room had to be somewhere on the floor but all I could see were rows and rows of books.  I kept leading my aunt around, looking for my room while pretending like I knew where I was going,  Finally, my aunt got frustrated with me and said she was going to wait outside.  She told me to come find her once I found my room.

After she left, I continued to search for my room but I couldn’t find it.  Then I realized that I wasn’t sure what my aunt meant when she said she was going to wait outside.  I went downstairs and then stepped outside but I couldn’t see my aunt anywhere.

I started walking around campus, looking for my aunt.  It was a cold night and the wind was howling and I soon realized that the campus looked totally different to me.  I decided that I needed to return to the dorm but suddenly, I couldn’t remember where the dorm was.  I spent the entire night walking around the campus, trying to find something that looked familiar.

The next morning, having had no sleep, I stumbled into a gas station and I asked the woman behind the counter if she could tell me where the dorm was.

“Which dorm?” she asked.

I couldn’t remember the name of my dorm.  “My mind’s going,” I told the woman.

And then I woke up.