Last Night’s Hoax Dream

Last night, I dreamt that a friend of mine came by the house and told me that he had been sending letters to Elon Musk, pretending to be a white supremacist.  He was hoping to get a response from Musk so that he could then take it to the media.  I told him that this was a stupid plan and that Musk actually renounced his South African citizenship to protest the country’s then-Apartheid government.  My friend, however, thought it was a great idea and then showed me one of the letters he had written.  I read it and told him that it was too obviously a hoax letter and that no one would ever reply.

Weird dream.

Last Night’s Election Dream

Last night, I dream that I was trying to vote but, when I drove out to the school where I usually vote, I discovered that it was closed and locked up.  I walked around the outside of the school, looking for some sort of a sign that would indicate where the new polling place would be.  While I was looking, it started to rain so I ran back to my car and then drove home.  After pulling up to my house, I ran through the rain, and, totally soaked, I stepped inside.  Then I realized that I still needed to go out and vote.

Last Night’s Visiting A Friend At Work Dream

Last night, I dreamt that a friend of mine was working at Wal-Mart, which took me by surprised because (in both the dream and in real life) she has a PhD.  One night, I drove down to the store to confront her about why she was working in a grocery store.  She was standing outside the door when I pulled up.  I got out of my car, walked over to her, and asked her why she was working at Wal-Mart.  She told me to go home because the store was dangerous at night and then she told me that she was carrying a gun for her own protection.  I glanced in the store and I saw that there only one cashier working and it appeared that her eyes had been sewn shut.

Last Night’s Probation Office Dream

Last night, I dreamt that my boss had asked me to take one of his clients — a teenage boy whom I had never met before — to the juvenile probation office, just to make sure that he actually showed up and his first meeting went okay with his probation officer.  I agreed to do so but, when we arrived at the probation office, the place was packed with unruly children.  I asked the woman at the front desk how long the wait was going to be and she said she didn’t know.  I asked her why they weren’t doing anything to control the kids in the office and she got mad and stopped talking to me.

I sat down with the client and waited for him to be called.  The client was perfectly polite and seemed like he had a good attitude about doing his community service and getting on with his life but the rest of the kids were so bratty that I was getting annoyed.  One kid ran up to me and said, “What did you do?”  I told him that I didn’t do anything and he laughed at me and went, “Yeah, right!”

More and more kids kept coming into the office and I started to notice that people who had come in after us were getting called back to talk to their probation officer.  That’s when I realized that we had forgotten to sign in and that I had no idea where the sign-in sheet was.  If I couldn’t find that sheet, we would miss our appointment and the client would be sent to juvenile hall!  I started to search the office for the sheet but there were too many kids and they were way too loud for me to concentrate.

That’s when I woke up.

Last Night’s Donation Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I kept getting calls from this woman named Amanda who swore that we had been friends in high school, even though I didn’t recognize her voice and I couldn’t remember anything about her.  She kept insisting that we had been best friends.  She said that another friend of ours had recently moved to Utah and had lost everything due to a hurricane and that she was putting together a GoFundMe to help him out.  And I was like, “There are no hurricanes in Utah,” but Amanda insisted that there were.

Last Night’s Visit To The Mountains Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was staying, by myself, in a mountain cabin.  It was snowing outside and I had a fire going in the fireplace.  I kept searching the cabin for a book that I was supposed to be reading but I couldn’t find it.  Finally, I decided that I had probably left the book on a plane.  There was probably more to dream but that’s all I can really remember.

Last Night’s Bank Commercial Dream

Last night, I dreamt that me and my sisters had been cast to appear in a commercial for a bank.  We went to a darkened studio, where the voice of an unseen director told us to just sit on a couch and react to whatever happened.  We were all sitting on the couch, waiting for something to happen.  Suddenly, the couch flipped over, throwing us all down to the ground.  The couch hovered above us, as if it was about to crash down on us.  However, two men in suits walked up behind the couch, grabbed it, and pulled it back down to the ground.

A voice boomed, “WE ALWAYS LOOK OUT FOR YOU!”

“What the fuck was that!?” I yelled.

Another voice thanked us all for taking part in the commercial.  My sisters were excited but I was worried that the commercial would feature me cursing at the couch and that they would have to bleep me.