Saturday Morning’s College Dream

Saturday Morning, I dreamt that I drove up to UNT to see an old professor. Unfortunately, when I arrived, the campus was totally deserted and all the buildings had been deserted. As I walked around the campus and tried to figure out what had happened, it started to rain.

Friday Morning’s Rain Dream

Last night, I dreamt I was out for a run when it started raining. There was a two-story house nearby and it had a balcony so I ran up to it and ducked underneath the balcony to keep dry. I wondered who owned the house and if they would mind me waiting out the storm in their front yard. As I watched, lightning struck a tree across the street. I laughed and said, to myself, “They’re going to have to like it, I guess.”

Thursday Morning’s Cave Dream

On Thursday morning, I dreamt that Jeff, Evelyn, and I were exploring a cave in New Mexico. We could hear water dripping somewhere in the cave but I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep exploring because I was worried about the cave collapsing. At one point, I asked, “Does anyone know that we’re here?”

Wednesday Morning’s Fragment of a Dream

According to my notes, on Wednesday morning, I had a dream where I was in Dallas and I was trying to help a stray cat cross the street. I don’t remember anything about the dream but I do love cats and I do worry about the strays that I sometimes see in Dallas so this fragment makes sense to me.

Tuesday Morning’s Neighborhood Party Dream

On Tuesday morning, I dreamt that my neighbors were throwing a party in their backyard. It was the middle of the night and they were so loud that I couldn’t get any sleep. I went to my bedroom window to see if it looked like the party was about to end. The first thing I saw were the flashing lights of a police car. Someone had called the cops on them! I was happy the party was ending but I still called my boss to let him know that my neighbors would probably still need an attorney to represent them in court.

Monday Morning’s AC Dream

According to my notes, on Monday morning I dreamt that we had gotten a new air conditioner. In order to protect the environment, the unit worked on a timer. It would countdown from 20 and only when it reached 5 would the air conditioning kick in. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the sun was shining outside and it was hot inside the house, the timer was counting down extremely slowly. I was in the living room watching it countdown. I asked Erin why we had agreed to such a stupid idea. She told me to calm down and be patient, which made me even more annoyed.

Last Night’s Trying To Feed A Cat Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking around the neighborhood when I saw that there was a gray cat following along behind me.  I turned to her and I said, “Do you need something to eat?”  The cat meowed and rubbed up against my ankles.  I told her that I had some food back at my house.  With the cat walking beside me, I started towards my house.  As I walked, I suddenly realized that the cat probably belonged to someone and that we already owned a cat and that Doc probably wouldn’t be happy to see a new cat invading his territory.

I looked down at the cat, which looked very well-fed and taken care of.

“Do you have an owner?” I asked it.

She stopped, sat down, and then looked over her shoulder.

“I probably shouldn’t feed you,” I said, “because your owner might get mad.”

The cat stood up, stretched, and turned around.  She walked back to what I presume was her house.

And then I woke up, with Doc sitting on the edge of the bed and looking at me with a somewhat displeased look on his face.

Saturday Morning’s Lost Car Dream

I didn’t jot it down in my dream journal but I’m pretty sure that, on Saturday morning, I had another one of my annoying dreams where I drove down to my old high school, walked around the building for a while, and then couldn’t find my car afterwards. I have this dream constantly and it annoys the Hell out of my every time.

Friday Morning’s Dishwasher Dream

On Friday morning, I dreamt that a man showed up at our house to put in our new dishwasher.  However, as soon as he stepped into the kitchen, he announced that he wasn’t going to do it because the kitchen was too dangerous.

Fortunately, the opposite happened in real life and our new dishwasher was installed with absolutely no trouble whatsoever.