Last Night’s Hawaii Dream

I have a lot of dreams that seem to have been inspired my a trip my family and I took to Hawaii after Erin graduated from high school.  Last night’s, though, was weird.  I can’t remember much about it but I do know that we were all staying on a beachside hotel.  But, whenever I stepped inside of my hotel room, I would suddenly be back in the bedroom of the house I lived in when I was in high school.  And when I would step out of the room, I would be back in Hawaii.  It was odd and I think I ever pointed out how odd it was in the dream.

Last Night’s Storage Locker Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was in Denton, visiting an old storage locker that was full of stuff that I had bought in college but subsequently forgotten about.  I discovered that I had a crate full of old books and I wondered if I should take them home with me or if I should try to sell them at the local used book store.

Last Night’s High School Theater Dream

Last night, I dreamt that Jeff and I went to a play at my former high school.  The play started out as a production of West Side Story but then, when the second act started, it turned into Song for Bernadette.  I was embarrassed because the play was so bad but then I was shocked to discover that the cast was made up of people who I went to high school with.

“Why are they still here?” I asked.

Last Night’s Fire Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was sitting in my office when I realized that I had yet to eat dinner despite the fact that it was nearly midnight.  I walked out to my car and drove down to Panda Express to get some feed but, as I pulled up to the restaurant, I realized that it was probably too late for Panda Express.  As I sat in my car and tried to think of some place that would be open, I noticed that the air outside of my car was filled with smoke.  I saw that an abandoned building nearby was in flames.  Firemen were trying to put out the fire and a small crowd had gathered to watch.  I sat in the car and watched the fire for a while.

Last Night’s Spy Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was at some sort of embassy ball in a far-off land.  I was wearing a killer red dress.  My job was to flirt with everyone in the embassy so that an American spy could sneak into the offices and take pictures of some classified documents.  I spent the dream talking to older men, laughing while keeping one eye on the embassy’s windows so I could see whether or not the Americans were making their retreat,

Last Night’s History Class Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I saw myself sleeping in my own bed.  Suddenly, there was a loud bang, my eyes flew open, and I was sitting in a high school classroom.  I was a teenager again and I realized that my entire life since the age of 17 had been a dream.  My history teacher was there holding a hammer.  Apparently, I had fallen asleep in class and he had banged the hammer on my desk to wake me up.  All the other students in class thought it was funny, I was quite a bit less amused.

The person sitting next to me whispered that the teacher had to hit my desk several times before I woke up.

“I wasn’t snoring, was I?” I whispered back.

Last Night’s Beach Dream

In the early morning hours, I dreamt that I was sitting underneath an umbrella on a beautiful beach. There were a lot of other people on the beach and I was watching as they run around, built sand castles, and played in the water. A middle aged man and woman walked past me. They stopped and the woman looked over at me and asked if I was going to get in the water. I shook my head and said that I liked the beach but I didn’t really like the ocean.

“It’s more fun to watch,” I said.