Last Night’s Vaccination Papers Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was returning to the office for the first time since the pandemic started. There was a long line of people standing out of my building and I realized that, before you could go inside, you had to show two guards three pieces of paper saying that you had been vaccinated. They would then stamp your hand and you would then be allowed to pass through the doors.

I saw someone who I knew in the line so I walked up to them. As I approached, I saw they were wearing a mask. As they saw me approach, they stepped back because I wasn’t wearing a mask.

“Have you been vaccinated?” they asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Let me see your papers.”

Even though I had my papers in my hand, I resented the tone of my friend’s voice so I said I wasn’t going to show anyone my papers because it wasn’t any of their business whether I had been vaccinated or not. My friend replied that I was selfish.

Finally, I said, “Have you been vaccinated?”

“Of course!”

“Then why are you still wearing a mask?”

My friend repeated that I had always been selfish. I started to realize that the other people in the line were starting to glare at me.

Suddenly, I was standing at the front of the line. The guard demanded to see my papers. I gave them the papers. While they were looking over them, I said, “I don’t need the stamp.”

The guard looked up at me. “Everyone gets the stamp.”

“I don’t want you stamping my hand. I’ve got my papers, isn’t that enough?”

Again, I realized everyone was glaring at me. It started to rain.

Luckily, I woke up before it went any further.

Last Night’s Quicksand Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I went out in the backyard and stepped in some quicksand and immediately started to sink into the ground. I yelled for help but no one heard me. Right when the quicksand was about up to my neck, I woke up and I discovered that I had fallen asleep on the couch and apparently, the middle cushion was loose so, while I was dreaming about sinking into quicksand, I was actually sinking into the couch.

I immediately fixed the cushion.

Last Night’s Dancing Nightmare

I dreamt that I was sitting in a ballroom and I was watching as several women performed an Irish stepdance.  They were all my students and this was their final exam.  While they danced, I kept clapping my hands together, trying to improve their timing and rhythm.  They weren’t very good and, even though I was angry with them, I was mostly angry with myself because I knew I hadn’t taught them well.

Suddenly, I was sitting in my darkened living room, watching the dancers on TV.  I realized that I had never been in the ballroom but that instead, I had just imagined that while watching the dancers on TV.  On TV, the dancers still weren’t that good and there was a man wearing a tuxedo and carrying a microphone who kept stepping in front of them and making jokes about how terrible they were.

Suddenly, I realized that there was old woman staring at me through the living room window.  I knew she was evil so I jumped up and quickly closed the curtains so she couldn’t see me.  But then I heard the front door starting to open and I realized that she had only been at the window to distract me.  I ran over to the door to try to lock her out but, just as I reached the door, her hand reached through the opening, reached down, and grabbed my ankle!  I tried to pull away from her but she wouldn’t let go.  I looked up from her hand on my ankle and I saw her face glaring at me.

And that’s when I woke up!

Now, before anyone reads too much into this dream, I stepdanced yesterday while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  I also got a bit too enthusiastic, missed a few steps, and I twisted my ankle a bit.  I didn’t hurt much when I went to sleep but it hurt considerably more when I woke up.  As for the crazy old woman …. who knows?  Maybe she’s a witch that my mind created to explain why my ankle was hurting.

Anyway, it was a scary dream but definitely not a difficult one to understand.



Last Night’s Flooded House Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking through my house.  Every room that I stepped into, I discovered that there was water dripping from the ceiling, all due to pipes bursting.  Finally, feeling hopeless and powerless, I went to the front door, stepped outside, sat on the front porch, and cried.  And that’s when I woke up!  Real happy dream, right?

I think this dream is just the result of left-over anxiety from the winter storm that hit Texas about three weeks ago.  I spent an entire week scared to death that a pipe was going to burst and that the house was going to get flooded.  Even after the temperatures got back to normal and all of the snow and ice melted, I still remained super paranoid that a pipe was going to bust at any minute and that I would be helpless to stop my home from getting flooded.  (It didn’t help that the news was filled with videos of people’s house’s getting flooded while water poured out of the walls.)  Though I’ve now gotten over the fear, I guess there was just enough of it left in my subconscious that it turned up in my dreams.

Last Night’s Angry Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was standing out in my front yard.  I was wearing a black cocktail dress.  My Dad and my Aunt were standing beside me.  I realized that my car was not parked in the driveway.

“Where’s my car?” I asked.

“It’s been towed for the weekend,” my Dad told me.

“What?” I said.

My aunt said, “The mechanic said it was a piece of junk.”  I started to protest but my aunt cut me off. “I know it looked alright but it was a piece of junk.”

As my aunt was talking, a two truck drove down the street, dragging my car behind it.

Angry, I turned to my aunt and my father.  “You had no right to let them take my car!” I shouted.

Neither said anything so I kept yelling at them about how unfair it was to take away my car.  While I was shouting, I saw there were several people standing in the doorway of my house, staring at me and smirking.

“Stop it, Lisa,” my aunt finally said, “All those people are going to laugh at you.”

Suddenly, I noticed that my cat was running around in the front yard.

“How did he get out!?” I yelled.

No one answered.

“Well, help me out!” I shouted at them.

And that’s when I woke up.

Last Night’s Weird College Dream

Ever since the COVID-19 lockdown began, I’ve been having a lot of dreams, which I guess makes sense.  When something’s on your mind as much as this is, you’re going to have dreams about it.  Unfortunately, the dreams always seem to fade from memory as soon as I wake up.  I’m left with the vague knowledge that I dreamed about something but I can’t really remember what.  From now on, I’m going to make more of an effort to write down what I can as soon as I wake up.

Fortunately, last night’s dream was a long one so I can actually remember it fairly well.

This dream took place when I was going to college.  I was living in a dorm but I also had a house that I was renting in town.  The house didn’t have any electricity, running water, or furniture but it was a place that I could go whenever I wanted to be alone.  I would go to the house with a pad of paper and I would spend days writing.  Over the course of the first part of the dream, I actually wrote an entire novel in long-hand.  I took all of the pages and I taped them to the walls of the house and then I would walk from room to room, reading what I had written.

Unfortunately, once I had done all that, I realized that I hadn’t gone to any of my classes for nearly a month and that there was no way I was ever going to pass any of my classes!  But I didn’t care because I had a place of my own and I had written a novel.

I was feeling quite proud of myself when, suddenly, I remembered that my aunt was coming to the college to visit me.  Not wanting her to discover that I had essentially dropped out of school, I rushed back to the campus and I met her outside of my old dorm.  I was feeling paranoid that she would discover that I hadn’t been on campus in a month so I decided (for some reason) that it would be a good idea to show her my dorm room.  I assumed that the room was still the way I had left it and, after she saw it, she would believe that I was still going to class.  It was dream logic.

So, we went into the dorm and up to the second floor.  However, since I had last been on campus, the second floor had changed.  It now appeared to be a gigantic and rather busy library.  I knew that my room had to be somewhere on the floor but all I could see were rows and rows of books.  I kept leading my aunt around, looking for my room while pretending like I knew where I was going,  Finally, my aunt got frustrated with me and said she was going to wait outside.  She told me to come find her once I found my room.

After she left, I continued to search for my room but I couldn’t find it.  Then I realized that I wasn’t sure what my aunt meant when she said she was going to wait outside.  I went downstairs and then stepped outside but I couldn’t see my aunt anywhere.

I started walking around campus, looking for my aunt.  It was a cold night and the wind was howling and I soon realized that the campus looked totally different to me.  I decided that I needed to return to the dorm but suddenly, I couldn’t remember where the dorm was.  I spent the entire night walking around the campus, trying to find something that looked familiar.

The next morning, having had no sleep, I stumbled into a gas station and I asked the woman behind the counter if she could tell me where the dorm was.

“Which dorm?” she asked.

I couldn’t remember the name of my dorm.  “My mind’s going,” I told the woman.

And then I woke up.


Last Night’s Scary Clown Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was sitting in our den, watching TV late at night.  There was a huge storm raging outside — lightning, thunder, torrential rainfall, the works.  There was a flash of lightning, followed by explosive thunder.  The house was plunged into darkness.

As the rumbling of the thunder faded away, it was replaced by a light tapping.

I looked over my shoulder, at the sliding glass door that led out to the back patio.  It was too dark for me to see anything on the patio but still, the tapping continued.

tap…. tap …. tap …. tap ….

Suddenly, there was another flash of lightning, one that illuminated the night just long enough to reveal a clown standing on the other side of the door, tapping on the glass.

At the same time that I saw the clown, I also realized that the door wasn’t locked.  I jumped up from the couch and ran over to the door but, just as I reached it, the door slid open and a white gloved hand grabbed my wrist!

And that, thankfully, is when I finally woke up.  I realize this is a pretty common nightmare and I’ve actually had several variations of this dream, though this is the first time that the intruder on the porch turned out to be a clown!  What’s strange about this dream is that, for the most part, clowns don’t even disturb me.  I’m usually the one who makes fun of my friends for being scared of them.

Before anyone asks, I did not watch It before going to bed last night.  I do have to admit, though, that the clown did bear a certain resemblance to Pennywise.

Who knows?  Maybe I was just having a bad Sims flashback….



Last Night’s Simple But Super Intense Nightmare

Last night’s dream was a terrible one.

In the dream, I was staying, by myself, at a motel.  I had just stepped out of the shower and I was still in the bathroom when suddenly, I heard footsteps outside.  I opened the bathroom door just enough to peek into the room and I saw a bearded, balding man, dressed in all black, searching my room.  Suddenly, he stopped and looked over at the bathroom door.

That woke me right up.  It was a very short and very simple dream but it felt so real that, after I woke up, I had to get out of bed and walk around for a few minutes, just to make sure that it had all been a dream.  Fortunately, it had been.

Before anyone asks, the man in my dream was not anyone that I know in real life.  He was just a generic evil stranger.  Also, I’m not looking for any interpretations of this dream.  I’m just sharing it because it was so intense.

Last Night’s Weird Dorm Nightmare

Last night’s dream started out nicely but then it got weird and disturbing towards the end.

I dreamt that I was back in college and I had just moved into my new dorm.  I had this gigantic, three-room suite all to myself and I was so excited.  I invited all of my friends over and we had a big party, decorating the place.  I was having a great time until I noticed that there was a guy at the party that I had never seen before.

He was tall, thin, and pale with messy blonde hair.  When I first saw him, he was standing in front of a wall mirror, staring at his reflection.  I noticed that he had what appeared to be a huge cyst on his right jaw and he kept pushing down on it with his finger.  Suddenly, he started to squeeze the cyst.

“Stop doing that!” I snapped at him as the cyst burst open in a mix of blood and puss.

Holding his hand over his face, he turned away from the mirror and looked at me.  He lowered his hand, revealing that he now had a bloody hole on his face, through which I could see his jawbone.

And that’s when I woke up!

Don’t you hate it when a perfectly good dream is interrupted by a nightmare?

Last Night’s Theatrical Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I had written two plays.  They were both being performed in my living room.  A large group of friends and family were gathered on the couch and sitting on the floor, watching as actors delivered lines that I had written.  Of course, I had written good roles for myself in both of the plays.

In the dream, the first play was being performed.  I was standing in the back of the living room, waiting to make my entrance.  As I waited, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t remember anything about the second play.  I started to look around the room, searching for a copy of the second play that I could refresh my memory.  Not only could I not find one but I got so upset searching that I forgot my lines for the first play.  No longer sure of when I was supposed to make my entrance, I decided to go ahead and walk up to the front of living room, where the play was being performed.

The two actors who had been delivering their lines looked shocked to see me and immediately stopped speaking.  They stared at me.  I stared at them, with no idea what to say.

“Uhmmm….” I said.

One of actors rolled his eyes.

“Don’t roll your eyes at me,” I snapped, “You wouldn’t have anything to say if it wasn’t for me!”

I glanced over my shoulder back at the audience.  I saw my high school theater teacher sighing and sadly shaking her head.

And then I woke up.