Last Night’s Old Apartment Building Dream

In last night’s dream, I was driving through a small town when I spotted an old apartment building sitting off of the side of the road.  I realized that it was the same apartment building where I had lived during my second year of college.  I also noticed that several tables, covered in boxes, televisions, computers, books, magazines, old video tapes, DVDs, and other random things had been set up in the buildings parking lot.  People were grabbing things off of the tables and walking off with them.

I pulled my car over to the side, got out, and walked up to the parking lot.  A man approached me and told me that the apartment building had been sold and was going to be torn down.  The tables, he said, were covered with things that had been left in the building over the years.  I asked him how much everything cost and he said they weren’t selling anything.  It was all just being given away to whoever wanted it.

I started to look over the tables and I immediately started finding things that once belonged to me.  I came across old clothes, books, movies, and even some mail that had been addressed to me.  I opened up some boxes and I discovered some of my old notebooks, poems, short stories, and diaries.  I started grabbing everything I could, trying to make sure that I could get everything before some stranger grabbed it.

And that’s when I woke up.