Last Night’s Nightmare

Last night, I dreamed that I was visiting the house where my family lived when I was 12 years old.  The house was now owned by one of my former dance teachers and her husband.  They were both really happy and excited when I showed up at the front door.  My former teacher gave me a tour of the house and I discovered that it still looked exactly the same as when I had lived there.  Even the furniture was the same.  Even in the dream, I found that odd.

My teacher took me to my old room and told me to get some rest and that dinner would be ready soon.  She left, closing the door behind her.  I looked around my room and I was again surprised to discover that it looked exactly the same as when I had lived there.  It was as if I had never moved out but, obviously, I had because otherwise, why would my teacher and her husband be living there?

There was a knock on the door.  I opened the door.  My teacher’s husband brusquely said it was time for dinner and then walked away without saying anoter word.  I started to wonder if maybe I was imposing.  Maybe they actually weren’t happy that I dropped by.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, which again was unchanged since my family last lived there.  I ate dinner with my teacher and her husband.  Neither one of them said much so I started talking about movies.  Mostly, I wanted to get some sort of response out of them, something that would let me know that they weren’t angry that I was visiting.

After dinner, the husband again left the room without saying anything.  My teacher started washing the dishes.  I offered to help but she told me to just go upstairs and get some sleep.

I left the kitchen but, instead of going upstairs, I went into the den (which, like every other room in the house, had not changed at all).  The teacher’s husband was sitting in a chair, looking annoyed.  I walked up to him and I again tried to talk to him.

Suddenly, he reached up and grabbed me by the throat and started to choke me.  In my dream, I could actually feel my windpipe getting crushed but I still managed to shout for help.

(I know, I know.  I probably shouldn’t have been able to shout if I was being choked but it was dream, remember?)

As soon as the teacher came running into the room, her husband released me and sunk back into the chair.  My teacher asked me what has happened.

“He tried to strangle me!” I said.

My teacher shrugged and coldly replied, “He’s had a long day.”

And then I woke up.