Last Night’s Snippet Of A Dream

Just an odd little dream from last night.  Maybe there was more to it than I’m remembering but I doubt it.

I dreamt that I was in my house, in the upstairs hallway.  I heard the doorbell ring.  Sitting at the top of the stairs, I glanced out one of the dining room windows and I saw that our neighbor was standing outside.  With him was a man and a woman, both of whom had dark hair.  The man was wearing a tuxedo.  The woman was wearing a white wedding dress, holding a bouquet, and was pregnant.  My neighbor was talking to both of them.  Even though I couldn’t hear what he was saying, I could see that the man and the woman were both laughing at whatever it was.

I was tempted to go downstairs and see what was going on but instead, I just sat at the top of the stairs and watched.

And that’s all I remember about this odd little snippet of sleeping drama.

Last Night’s Dream (A Fragment)

Last night, I know I had a very long and very complex dream but, unfortunately, I can only remember a fragment of it.

I was sitting in an extremely ornate church, watching a woman and a man getting married.  (Because their backs were to me, I can’t tell you who they were.)  There was an old woman sitting next to me.  She leaned over to me and whispered, “Do you recognize the priest?”

I shook my head.

“That is Francois Truffaut’s son!” she declared.

And that’s all I remember.

(In real life, Truffaut had two daughters but, as far as I know, no sons.)

(Jean-Pierre Leaud and Francois Truffaut in Day For Night)