Last Night’s Colorado Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I rode a Greyhound bus to Colorado so that I could attend an all-day poetry festival that was being held in a log cabin that sat outside of a small town. There were a lot of people at the reading and I quickly got uncomfortable with the large crowd size. As well, the microphones kept going out so I couldn’t actually hear what any of the poets were reading. Eventually, I got frustrated and left the log cabin. As I stepped outside, I discovered it was starting to snow.

In the middle of the night, I walked through the snow and through the small town until I came up to a Greyhound bus station. I sat down on the sidewalk in front of the station and I waited for the bus to arrive. As I sat there, I wondered if I still had my return ticket. I started to search my purse for the ticket and I couldn’t find it.

I did, however, find my phone so I called my sister, Erin. When she answered, I said, “Hey, I’m in Colorado. Can you come get me?”

And that’s when I woke up. Hopefully, she came and got me.