Last Night’s New Job Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was living out in the country and I worked for the county coroner’s office. Whenever someone died, I would drive out to wherever the body was and I would sometimes take pictures of the deceased and the the body would be put in the trunk of my car and I’d drive it to the hospital. It was a grisly job but I didn’t mind it because I never had to touch the bodies. Instead, the police would put the body in the trunk and the orderlies at the hospital would take it out. Everyone was very friendly whenever I drove up and they would all call me “Ms. Lisa,” which I appreciated.

Most of the bodies were people who had lived in trailer parks and died of drug overdoses. The first few times, I had a difficult time looking at the bodies and I would cry as I was driving them to the hospital because I was so upset that they had died. However, with each day on the job, I got more used to seeing the bodies and eventually, I stopped even thinking about them as being people.

Towards the end of the dream (and sorry, I only remember fragments), I drove out to a trailer sitting in the middle of the field where a woman had overdosed on heroin. I was standing outside the trailer while I was waiting for the cops to bring out the body. There was a detective standing beside me who asked me why all the deaths didn’t bother me anymore. I told him that I was used to it.

They brought out the body, which was a woman with long dark hair and skin that had turned gray after she died. She wearing a Mickey Mouse tank-top and her underwear and she still had a needle handing out of her arm. They put the body in my trunk and as they closed it, I suddenly gasped and said, “Oh my God, I know her!”

That’s when I woke up.

(I have no idea who the woman in the dream was.)

Last Night’s Vague Fragment Of A Working Dream

Last night, I’m pretty sure I had a dream that involved me working in some strange office building, where I had to show ID before I could go inside and where no one was willing to tell me when I was going to get paid. I do wish I could remember more about it because it was probably pretty interesting.

Last Night’s Washington D.C. Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I had been hired to work the overnight shift in Senator John Cornyn’s office in Washington D.C. and that my boyfriend had been hired to work as an administrative aide for a congressman. We had moved to Washington D.C. and everything was going fine. I would arrive for work at midnight and, before going into the capitol, I would always watch the nightly fireworks display. (In the dream, fireworks exploded every night over the capitol dome.)

Eventually, in my dream, I was working the front desk in the senator’s office. All I had to was let anyone who came in know that the senator had gone home for the night and to sign for any packages that were delivered. As I said, it was an easy job but one night, Bernie Sanders came into the office and said that he needed to see the senator. Though he smiled the whole time, he simply refused to accept that the senator had gone home and he kept rambling on and on about how he needed the Senator to co-sponsor a bill with him.

Even stranger is that my boyfriend was also there with Senator Sanders. Finally, while Sanders was talking about how he really needed to talk to Sen. Cornyn, I was able to lean across the desk and whisper to Jeff, “Aren’t you a Republican?”

“Yes,” he said, “but Bernie really wanted me to help out on this.”

That’s when I woke up.