Last Night’s Weird TCM Dream

I had three strange dreams last night.

In the first one, I was sitting on the floor in my living room, in front of the TV, and watching TCM.  I watched as Ben Mankiewicz explained that the upcoming movie was a “TCM Premiere.”  The name of the movie was Doctor’s Debate.  Mankiewicz said that it was a British film from 1961, about an older, wiser doctor who has to deal with a younger, idealistic doctor.  Mankiewicz also explained that the film’s soundtrack featured the first use of the song Nights in White Satin.

The movie started.  It was a black-and-white film, one that opened with the older doctor, who bore a resemblance to Peter Cushing in the Hammer Frankenstein films, and the younger doctor, who looked like a young Michael Caine, appearing on a BBC news program, where they debated whether or not vaccinations were safe.  The younger doctor insisted that they were and said that the government should force everyone to get vaccinated.  The older doctor said that the issue was more complicated than that and kept referring to the younger doctor as “my idealistic colleague.”  The debate got quite heated, with the older doctor finally pointing out that he had been practicing medicine for 30 years while the younger doctor was fresh out of medical school.

Suddenly, the scene changed and the older doctor was driving his car around an underground parking garage.  Meanwhile, the younger doctor was driving his car down a London street, stopping whenever he saw anyone who looked sick and writing them a prescription.  Whenever anyone said that they didn’t have money for the medicine, the younger doctor would say, “Just tell them I sent you.”

The film kept cutting back and forth, between the old doctor driving around that parking garage and the young doctor driving around London.  And suddenly, while all this was going on, Nights in White Satin started to play on the soundtrack.

And that’s when I woke up!

Odd dream.  I assume Peter Cushing showed up because I’ve been watching a lot of old Hammer horror films on TCM this month.  But I have no idea why Michael Caine was there.  As for Nights in White Satin …. well, who knows!?

Last Night’s Vatican Dream

In last night’s dream, my father had been excommunicated so my three sisters and I were at the Vatican, seeking an audiences with the Pope and hoping to convince him to rescind the excommunication.  We were informed that the Pope was out of the country but that the Bishop of Dallas, Edward Burns, just happened to be in Rome so we were ushered into his office.

He told us he was sympathetic but there wasn’t much he could do.  “Also, quite frankly, it would be helpful if your father would make the case for himself.”

As my sisters considered what he said, I announced, “For the record, I’ve seen Song of Bernadette a dozen times and I think that should count for something.”

And that’s when I woke up.