Last Night’s Flat Tire Dream

Last night, I dreamt that, in the middle of the night and in a pounding rain storm, I decided to drive down to an all-night coffeehouse. I went there alone and, when I arrived, I discovered that the coffeehouse was deserted, with the exception of the woman working behind the counter. As I ordered a cup of coffee, I saw that she was reading a high school history textbook. Since she appeared to be older than 18, I asked her if she was studying for GED. She said yes but kind of glared at me as she said it, as if she felt I was talking down to her.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, I drank my cup of coffee. At one point, there was a loud burst of thunder and the lights blinked on and off.

“It’s really coming down out there,” I said.

The woman barely looked up from her book.

I finished my coffee and I told the woman to be safe driving home. As I stepped back outside, it occurred to me that the woman might have walked to work and might not have a ride home and I wondered if maybe I should have asked her if she had any way to safely get home. Then I saw that one of the front tires of my car has gone flat.

And then I woke up!

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