Last Night’s Flooded House Dream

Last night, I dreamt that I was walking through my house.  Every room that I stepped into, I discovered that there was water dripping from the ceiling, all due to pipes bursting.  Finally, feeling hopeless and powerless, I went to the front door, stepped outside, sat on the front porch, and cried.  And that’s when I woke up!  Real happy dream, right?

I think this dream is just the result of left-over anxiety from the winter storm that hit Texas about three weeks ago.  I spent an entire week scared to death that a pipe was going to burst and that the house was going to get flooded.  Even after the temperatures got back to normal and all of the snow and ice melted, I still remained super paranoid that a pipe was going to bust at any minute and that I would be helpless to stop my home from getting flooded.  (It didn’t help that the news was filled with videos of people’s house’s getting flooded while water poured out of the walls.)  Though I’ve now gotten over the fear, I guess there was just enough of it left in my subconscious that it turned up in my dreams.

2 thoughts on “Last Night’s Flooded House Dream

  1. You know what’s crazy? Last night Inferno was on Starz, so of course I watched it and when Rose was under the water, of course i thought about you.
    I’m glad your pipes didnt burst


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